Chapter Officers

Dana Richards


Dana is a junior at Bowling Green State University studying Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Leadership, and she is from Cleveland, Ohio. She joined Sigma Kappa in the fall of 2018 through informal recruitment. Dana wanted to gain leadership experience and create bonds with amazing sisters. Previously, Dana has served as the Public Relations Chair and Webmaster and as the Vice President of Communications Operations and Vice President of New Member Education. Dana is hoping to make an empowering impact on the newest members of Sigma Kappa. Outside of Sigma Kappa, Dana is a member of the Falcon Leadership Institute and a Thompson Family Scholar. A fun fact about Dana is that she used to voice commercials when she was younger.

Lindsay Klees

Vice President of Standards and Values

I am a second year here at BGSU studying environmental policy and analysis with a specialization in sustainable management. I am from Springboro, Ohio which is about 20 minutes from Dayton. I joined Sigma Kappa because I was looking to be in an organization that would really help me grow and that is what I have found in this sorority! One fun fact about me is that I have been doing colorguard for about 7 years!

Claire Pachiano

Vice President of New Member Education

Claire is in her Junior year at Bowling Green after graduation she hopes to have her own classroom teaching middle school math. Besides Sigma Kappa, Claire is also involved in University Dance Alliance, a student-choreographed dance groups, and ACTION, a scholarship program for middle and high school future teachers in math and science. Claire joined Sigma Kappa Fall 2019 through formal recruitment. She wanted to join Sigma Kappa because she saw how her mom was still close with her Sigma Kappa sisters over 30 years later. Claire is from Centerville Ohio and loves making memories with all of her sisters and hopes to create lifelong friendships. She is excited to see what this year holds! A fun fact about Claire is that she can name over 200 Disney Characters.

Kayla Stallo

Vice President of Membership

Kayla is a junior majoring in Exercise Science with a specialization in Sports Medicine. She is from Mason, Ohio. She joined Sigma Kappa through informal recruitment in the fall of 2019 and joined because she wanted to get more involved with campus and have a home away from home. She is currently the Vice President of Membership and was the COB chairwoman last year. A fun fact about myself is my playlist includes almost every genre of music.

Abigail Hart

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

I’m a third year theatre major with a specialization in stage management. I’m from Bucyrus, Ohio. I joined Sigma Kappa in Fall 2019. I joined to find a sisterhood and to create memories. Fun Fact: I have a particular passion for puns.

Alex Debell

Vice President of Academic Excellence

I’m a 3rd year, I’m and MLS major, I’m from Wapakoneta Ohio, I joined fall of 2019, I joined because I wanted to be apart of an organization that does good to the world while being with my best friends.

Sara Jurkiewicz

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Sara is a third-year students this year at Bowling Green, studying Physics and Spanish. She was Treasurer of her hall council during the 2018-2019 academic year and is currently a Resident Advisor. She joined in Fall 2018 through primary recruitment. Sara loves spending time with her sisters and serving her community through community service. She is very excited to serve her chapter again for this upcoming year and is ready to help all of her sisters grow.

Lindsey Jenkins

Vice President of Finance

Lindsey is a Sophomore here at Bowling Green State University, she is studying Business and is from Cleveland Ohio. She joined Sigma Kappa through informal recruitment in the fall of 2019 to make lifelong friends and get more involved on campus. Lindsey was a co-president to hall council and will be a peer leader for the college of business in the fall of 2020. A fun fact about Lindsey is that she traveled to Italy in the spring of 2019.

Cassie Rasnick

Panhellenic Delegate

Cassie is Freshman here at Bowling Green State University. She is still undecided in her major. Cassie is from Strongsville, Ohio. She joined her Sigma Kappa family in fall of 2020 during formal recruitment.She joined because she saw herself being in the chapter throughout fall recruitment, to meet her best friends and live on her mom's legacy! Fun fact: I have a twin sister.

Lauren Baumgartner

Ritual Chairwoman

Lauren is a Junior at Bowling Green State University studying communications and looking to study Spanish as a minor. She is from Wickliffe, Ohio and joined Sigma Kappa through informal recruitment in the Spring of 2019 in order to meet more people and get more involved on campus. A fun fact about Lauren is that she met Taylor Swift.

Maegan Bauer

Sisterhood Chair/House Manager

Maegan is a Sophomore this year at Bowling Green, and she is an education major. Maegan is from a city about an hour Northwest of Chicago. She joined Sigma Kappa in the fall of 2019 through formal recruitment. Maegan wanted to be part of Sigma Kappa in order to grow in her leadership skills and find a forever family. She enjoys spending her time with friends and her sisters and shopping. She is excited to learn from her position and cannot wait to see where the semester goes. A fun fact about Maegan is that she has never been outside of the country.

Veronica Menendez

Diversity and Inclusion

Veronica is a senior majoring in Information Systems from Cincinnati, OH. She joined SigKap Spring 2019 to form new friendships and for personal growth. Fun fact about her is that I was born in Puerto Rico!

Liz Ensley

Apparel Chair

Liz is a first year student here at BGSU. She is majoring in Middle Childhood Science and English Education. She is origanlly from Loveland,Ohio. She joined SK in fall of 2020 she joined to have a home away from home and to meet lifelong friends. Fun fact I am a twin!

Makayla Herron

Activities Chair

Makayla is a 2nd year intervention specialist major. She's from Delphos, Ohio. She joined Sigma Kappa in the fall of 2020. Makayla joined because Sigma Kappa felt like home to me and has already made so many amazing friends. A fun fact about her is that she is a huge night owl.

Kristin Medykowski

Triangle Correspondent

Kristin Medykowski is a first year here at BGSU. She id currently in the deciding student program but, I is interested in becoming an education major. She is originally from North Olmsted, Ohio, but her family moved to Berea, Ohio over the summer. She joined Sigma Kappa in the fall of 2020 because she wanted to find a group that would spread positivity and support each other through thick and thin. A fun fact about her is that I love animals and has two dogs, a German Shepherd who is two and a Boston Terrier who is eleven.

McKenzie Halsey

PR and Webmaster

McKenzie is a sophomore here at BGSU. She is a Intervention Specialist major. She is orginally from Port Clinton,Ohio. She joined through formal recrutiment fall of 2020 because she wanted to try something new when moving to college and she likes to meet new people! Fun fact: I have 2 titanium robs and 24 nuts and bolts on my spine.

Autumn Wilson


Autumn Wilson is a 2nd year Digital Arts major. She is from Jarrell Texas, and joined ΣΚ during the fall semester of 2020. She joined ΣΚ because her mom would always tell her how fun it was to be a part of a sisterhood and she wanted to be able to have that experience for herself. A fun fact about her, I can sing really high into whistle notes!

Kayla Horney

Social Chair

Kayla is a Sophomore. She is majoring in Middle Childhood Education. She is from Cedarville,Ohio. Year: She joined SK informally in the Fall of 2019. Kayla joined because she heard everything her mom loved about SK and decided to give it a try! I walked in and immediately felt like I was at home. She is currently Social chair, and was activities chair in the past. Fun fact: I don’t like seafood.

MaKenzie Stephens

Greek Weekend & COB

Makenzie is a junior studying psychology with a minor in dance. I am my hometown is brownstown, MI.She joined sigma kappa in through informal recruitment in the spring of 2019. She joined because she wanted the sense of family that she always felt when she was on my competitive dance team.She knew she would find that with sisters and sigma kappa was where she felt she could be my most authentic self. She currently hold two positions in sigma kappa as well as one in the past. And is currently a resident advisor on campus and a choreographer for university dance alliance. After she graduate's she plans to attend graduate school to become a licensed counselor so she can be able to work with veterans and the help them adjust to civilian life. My personal contact is or for recruitment related information contact