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Letter from the Chapter '18

Letter from the Chapter '18

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Words cannot even describe how much Sigma Kappa means to me. This organization is truly amazing, and every day I am thankful to have gone through recruitment and received a bid from Sigma Kappa. When I went through recruitment, I was only a freshman. Everything was new for me, I was 4 hours away from home, I hardly knew anyone at BG, and I was very shy. Recruitment was a big adventure for me, as it is for everyone. I was weary throughout recruitment and was not sure if it was right for me; however, I soon found out that I was wrong. The ladies of Sigma Kappa welcomed me with warm hearts, and I found myself loving Sigma Kappa already. The amount that I have grown with Sigma Kappa is something that amazes myself, friends and family. Two years ago being my shy self, I could have never imagined becoming president for a sorority, however; ever since I joined Sigma Kappa, it has unlocked so many amazing doors for me and characteristics about myself that I never knew existed. I have become more confident in myself. I am no longer the shy person I was two years ago, and I can thank Sigma Kappa for that. Sigma Kappa has given me so many leadership opportunities and has allowed me to become very involved which I am also very thankful for. I have also had the opportunity to be surrounded by so many amazing people. The women that I met in Sigma Kappa are incredible. These women are there for me through my rough times and my successes. To have this support system throughout college and knowing I will have it after college is something that is really special to me. Being in Sigma Kappa, I get to be a part of an organization that is something bigger than myself. Knowing that I am a part of something that is striving to make the world a better place through philanthropic and service efforts is something that I am very proud of. Like I mentioned before, it is hard to capture just how amazing Sigma Kappa is in words, but I can definitely say that I really do not know what I would have done or where I would be without Sigma Kappa. Going through recruitment my freshman year and receiving my bid was life-changing. I may have been reluctant at first to join Greek life but looking back at it now, I cannot imagine myself not being in Greek life. Sigma Kappa is my home away from home, and I hope that every new member can find their home in Sigma Kappa as well.

- Makala Nelsen, 2017- 2018 President of Theta Upsilon